About Philosophy of Photography

Philosophy of photography animated gif
credit: Dave Lewis

The project is part funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council Grant (AH/J005886/1), awarded to Dr Daniel Rubinstein (PI) and Prof. Johnny Golding to investigate the application of non-representational theories to the digitally produced and circulated photographic image.

Philosophy of Photography is a cluster of research activities that’s concerned with the role of the mechanically produced and digitally disseminated image in contemporary culture. To day, it is comprised from  the international journal Philosophy of Photography (edited by Daniel Rubinstein and Andy Fisher), the book On the Verge of Photography (edited by Daniel Rubinstein, Johnny Golding and Andy Fisher), three international conferences, the new book ‘Fragmentation of the Photographic Image in the Digital Age‘ (Edited by Daniel Rubinstein), public lectures, several symposia and seminars and a number of publications.


  • Challenge current frameworks of image theory in order to acknowledge that images can contribute to knowledge and self knowledge without meeting the standards of truth and certainty.
  • Challenge current accounts of representation, semiotics and indexicality in photographic literature in order to move towards accounts that acknowledge the importance of dissemination, processing, sharing, and online participation.
  • Develop pedagogical approaches that interlace information sciences with art and media to provide a toolkit for grasping and inhabiting contemporary augmented realities and fractal materialities.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Daniel Rubinstein at info(at)danielrubinstein.net